On Choice, pt. 3

I finally came out this weekend. I’ll write more of the experience in a later post, probably. Right now, I want to talk about the soundtrack for the moment.

Music has been one of the ways I have coped with my dysphoria for a long time. There are plenty of good artists that have filled the role I needed them for over the years, but when Lana Del Rey released “Born to Die”, I realized that no one else had spoken so deeply to the raw emotions I have always felt. I have worn that album out over the years since.

On a whim, I decided to see if she had released anything new recently, and came across the album “Lust for Life”, released July of last year. “Holy shit!” I thought excitedly. I downloaded it about a week ago, and have played it more or less on repeat ever since.

There is not a musical composition that could more perfectly sum up the gamut of emotions I have felt this week, good and bad, especially after coming out.

What is there to write about music? It’s a completely different medium, so why not present it the way it is. Below are the two songs which hit me most, though almost every song in the album is bizarrely relevant.

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