Drunken Thoughts, pt. 2

Here I lay, alone in the apartment for the first time in…God, has it been a year? More? Ages.

I drank a lot, but less than I might’ve liked.

And it’s 4:30 AM.

The 27″ Sony Trinitron is playing Cowboy Bebop episode 3. It’s amazing how good older stuff looks on a high-end CRT through component.

Will I ever not be alone? That I’m not sure about. I suppose it could go either way. I’d certainly be sad if that were the case, but at least I’m mentally and emotionally better equipped to handle that possibility than I ever was.

Actually, I’m pretty hopeful, so that’s nice. One day at a time.

God, I can’t wait for that day, whenever it comes and whatever it brings.

Spending time alone should be sadder, but really, I need these moments.

I shouldn’t have started this post without any sort of goal in mind. All this single line garbage is driving me crazy.

It seems like Cowboy Bebop is always here for me in times like this. So many stages of my life have come and gone with this anime in the background.

This is the best one, for sure.

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