Drunken Thoughts, pt. 3

I felt so inspired to write this post, but now that I’ve sat down to do it, I’m not sure where to begin.

For all of the many, many downs that life has thrown at me–and I assure you, there have been many, many–I do occasionally have a moment which can be described only as the purest distillation of personal joy and satisfaction.

And you know the weird thing about those times, one of which I am experiencing as we speak?

They are rarely preceded by any sort of earth-shattering, singular moment.

It’s not like my child was just born.

It’s not like I’ve won the lottery.

Rather, it is the commonest experiences in which I am often able to take the most solace.

God, my writing becomes so pretentious and over-gilded when I’ve had a few (too many).

But seriously, is there anything more sublime than sharing a drink with a friend?

And the result of real happiness is so much more tangible than real sorrow.

Because when I’ve been at my lowest depths, I am not even aware of it.

I sink and sink, but I do not even know to call for the lifesaver.

My disconnect is so overwhelming that I normalize it.

I look into the mirror, and just assume that life is suffering.

But the nights when I can smile in the darkness, and laugh (really laugh) at the overwhelming goodness I am feeling…

Life really is amazing.

People really are amazing.

I’m so thankful that people get to share life with one another.

And who knows how long one’s path might remain interwoven with another’s?

I’m just thankful to have the company for as long as they are.

‘Til we drink again.

(And no, I’ve had no absinthe. Just sour beer, thanks.)

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